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VSQ 2000

Reference Radiation Source 1–18 GHz

VSQ 2000zoom
  • Frequency range 1 to 18 GHz
  • Comb generator 100 MHz spectrum
  • High stability
  • Changeable accumulator set

The VSQ 2000 is an RF radiation source covering the frequency range of 1 to 18 GHz. It can be used for checking the parameters of Open Area Test Sites (OATS), anechoic chambers or other alternative measuring environments. The VSQ 2000 consists of a high‑stability comb generator RSG 2000, and a broadband horn antenna. The comb generator uses a temperature‑stabilized quartz‑oscillator (TCXO) and delivers spectral lines with a 100 MHz spacing. It can be powered from either four rechargeable batteries NiMH or an external power supply.

The condition of the batteries is monitored and with a LED indicated. The RSG 2000 will switch off automatically, if the battery voltage falls below a preset limit.

Parameter Value
Frequency range

1 - 18 GHz

Comb spacing

100 MHz

Frequency stability (TCXO, 100 MHz)

< 1 ppm (-20° – +70°C)


< 1 ppm/year

Fequenzy correction (internal)

< 5 ppm





Sternenhofstr. 15
4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Tel.+ 41 61 204 41 00

Managing Directors:
Brian Huntsman
Astrid Wälchli Schreiber
VAT-ID: CHE-179.452.414
Register of companies: CH-

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